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In this new collection, Antony Di Nardo explores the interplay   between  a disintegrating  natural world and the human observer, a relationship characterized by both beauty and terror. "A talking tree, a taking tree / in the language of dead leaves" ends a poem in the award-winning suite, "May June July," where cancer cells are constellations and gardens a photosynthetic success." This poetry with an ear to the ground, an ear for the unexpected. Partly feral, partly tamed and sometime formal, the poems illuminate shadows in the rough and clarify the spark between observer and observed. The poetry both entertains and acknowledges what words can do, like nothing else can. Trees dominate, a fool hen comes crashing into a house, people make travels plans to leave themselves behind. 

Antony Di Nardo gives the impression that he can probably write a good poem about anything. He writes with such giddy smartness – taut, contained. SKYLIGHT is no exception: once again he displays considerable range and energy, full of surprises.


Barry Dempster

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