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The poetry throughout this collection is simply stunning: there is so much grace, modesty, rhythm and precision. And the arrangement of the poems is impeccable. Not for a very long time have I read a collection so perfect, so real and to the point. This is poetry one could read again and again, for one’s heart, for the beauty of the words. 

—Arleen Paré, author of Lake of Two Mountains (Governor-General’s Award for Poetry) and The Girls with Stone Faces 

Whether using couplets, triplets,quatrains or prose poetry, he writes with great alertness, experienced gravity and quick wit. These are poems to learn from, be moved by, and above all enjoy for all their fresh details of observation and vision and the very human voices they create. 

—Brian Bartlett, poet, essayist, and editor of The Collected Poems of Alden Nowlan 

Gone Missng is an impressive book, one of homage to friendship and poetry, from the multi-visionary world-view of a poet who knows his craft and opens up here with a varied yet well-structured bandwidth of styles I noticed as I moved across the sixty-eight poems therein grouped in three sections.


A poet who lives fully and action-immersed, whose feelings and sensations bubble in and around him, explodes in and explores sentiments we humans cannot avoid: loneliness, deference, social criticism. Above all, he embarks on a righteous journey of singing to life – even in the lines dedicated to death, as in writing to his friend he keeps her memory alive for posterity. We would have to remember Shakespeare´s Sonnet XVIII, “When in eternal lines to time thou grow'st, / So long as men can breathe, or eyes can see, / So long lives this, and this gives life to thee.” This is what Di Nardo has done—memorialize a life lived through his poetry for poetry will be read for years to come.

—Miguel Ángel Olivé Iglesias

Associate Professor, Holguín University, Cuba

(excerpt from “Nothing Gone, Nothing Missing” a review of Antony Di Nardo´s Gone Missng)

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